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20 minutes ago, IronChef said:

He didn't even attempt the back flip. He did a round off, then a little jump, then got tackled. It was immediately clear what was going on, whether he said anything about it or not.

I haven’t watched the interview yet .. need to.  But upon rewatching the vid above, I did notice this ... good call.  

Ok. I’m a sucker.  Well played Mr. Carr ..... and Mr. Metcalf.  Well played!

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Ok.  I listened to the interview.  Man.  I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t get it.  All good. 

At the end, David talks about having fun.  Lots of credit to Metcalf.  But ends it with something about ‘being a little bit of a Rick’ and kinda laughs are he says it.  What did that mean?  They guy is keeping me guessing!


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