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I Really Enjoyed the Zalesky is on Par With Brands Era!

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8 minutes ago, jmez said:

Following a legend rarely works out well. Zalesky was destined to fail at Iowa. Same will happen at PSU when Cael hangs it up.

You don't simply replace a transcendent coach and expect the same result.

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Can you imagine who will have to follow Carl? Wonder how many miles he has left. 

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If Dan Gable had sons they would be a lot like Tom and Terry Brands. Tom is quoted in saying that he thought he was the right man for the job. I believe he would have done much better then Zalesky during his tenure. The thing that made Dan Gable so great as a coach was that he knew what his athletes needed to get them ready for success. Sure, anybody who has stepped on the mat can put some people through some insane practices, but Dan knew exactly the type of athlete to recruit, and had a knack for getting inside their head and saying/doing whatever must be done to make them succeed. This is something that Zalesky just did not have, but Brands, with the help of staff has improved upon. Another huge thing that no one mentions is that Gable was a very hands on coach just like Brands. Zalesky said that he was not, and it was evident watching “The Season: Iowa’s men of the Mat”. Watching that documentary (if you have not seen it then you need to) it almost seems like Zalesky was constantly tearing the kids down and trying to be tough on them. He was trying to act like Dan Gable instead of himself. And then you see Tom brands as an assistant coach also tearing guys down, but also building guys up....such as Cliffe Moore after he comes out of nowhere to win Midlands. You also saw him beating up on other wrestlers in the practice room. The difference is he was being Tom Brands and not Dan Gable, while Zalesky was trying too hard to be a “hands off” Dan Gable.

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6 hours ago, BadgerMon said:

Actually, Iowa has just won it ONE year in a row.

I'm a little disappointed in you today, MSU158. You're better than that.

Funny, the same thought crossed my mind - though I have been guilty of dropping a few somewhat misguided, obnoxious posts myself...  Maybe it's the whole pandemic thing.

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