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Final NCAA Bracket - Complete? Anyone?

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Each year, I like to save a complete NCAA bracket. Usually it's pretty easy to find, but I haven't found it this year yet.

Anybody happen to have a link to the final bracket that includes Championship results?

(Note - the NCAA link here, https://www.ncaa.com/_flysystem/public-s3/files/DI Brackets_after session 6.pdf, does not include the Championship results.)


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5 minutes ago, lu_alum said:

Been posted here on the official site since Sunday...

Been checking the official site daily, including about 10 minutes before I posted here, and the (2) locations I found a link to were both to the "after session 6" brackets. Cleared browser cache, and even used 2 other browser (Chrome, Edge, and Firefox in total) to confirm. The official site didn't include championship results.

NCAA college wrestling home | NCAA.com

But, thanks anyway. Appreciate the follow up.

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