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OTT Updates & Results Thread

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Greco match .. Fuenffinger vs Roberts ... let's go.

Shoving^3  Red (Fuen) put down to mat.  Only about 1min in.  No turn.  Back to feet.  John Smith 'you're not seeing a lot of action' ...'you're going to see a lot of passivities pretty quick.'  

Some activity here.  Roberts is now down to mat, Fuen has a head pinch type of situation, able to roll Roberts.  2-1 Fuen.  End of first.

2nd period.  Shoving.  2 min left.  Roberts tried something like a duck under but wiffed.  Fuen put down to mat.  But no go.  2-2.  Shoving.  Fuen gets a push out by driving forward.  Roberts tries a duck under but his pushed to his back as he gets a bit crunched during the duck move.  If I saw that right.  5-2 Fuen.  10 sec.  Fuen wins.

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Forest Molinari vs Alara Boyd

Forest gets a pushout 1-0.  Heavy on heads, collar ties.  shoving.  Boyd warn for passivity.  Tied up, pulling, pushing, Mol pulls Boyd down, has a front headlock,  trying to get corner.  Boyd staying in front.  Molinari kinda throws her by and nearly gets behind but Boyd has a whizzer and not letting it go.  They get to feet and Boyd steps out and Mol gets behind .. but only 1 pt.  No, they gave her 2.  Mat ref signaled 1 but I think the judges said 2.  I agree with judges.  3-0.  

2nd period - Mol takes a shot.  Has hands locked but good sprawl.  Boyd is able to throw Mol over, gets 2.  Mol still has leg.  Boyd threatening crotch lift.  Mol is getting behind but now B has a leg.  Stalemate.  3-2.  Point to Mol for something the ref did not like about Boyd.  NOt sure what it was for.  Smith is not sure why.  1:25 to go.  Point for blue.  What the hell is going on.  Ref is not being clear.  Point is not awarded after convo with judges.  Mol in, Boyd spins to get a leg too, far leg.  head to toe, boyd splitting legs, trying to get up, no.  Stalemate.  Right call.  

Boyd tying shoes.  Is that ok?  Ref giving her time.  20 sec to go.    Point for blue, why?????  Smith still doesn't know.  Calling it a passivity point.  Huh??


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