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OTT Finals Thread

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There’s a reason this only happens once every Olympic cycle. I’m not sure my emotions could handle it much more often. What a weekend of highs and lows. I’m proud of all the athletes competing to represent team USA. Now it’s time to get ready to watch the Olympics. 

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7 minutes ago, bnwtwg said:

The story of Jenna Burkert is what I will teach my children to persevere through life. The sportsmanship from Helen to Jenna is what I will show my children.


Probably the biggest heartbreak trials moment I’ve seen since Paulson lost to Hall in their epic trials match (witnesses that one in person). 

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45 minutes ago, GoNotQuietly said:
Oh, I wasn't saying he was at the end of the road at all. Just a big fan of his journey.  I think he can beat these guys, but it is HIGHLY draw-dependent, which is true of everything at 65kg internationally.
The Wrestling Nomad
· Mar 18
The following 65kg hammers (or another from their country) will be in Sofia, Bulgaria for the last chance qualifier in May: Khinchegashvili, GEO Gadzhiev, POL Sacultan, MDA Kilicsallayan, TUR Shuptar, UKR Habat, SLO Skriabin, BLR Bucur, ROU Dubov, BUL

We have Zain to thank that this is even an issue.

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