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On 4/6/2021 at 10:40 PM, maligned said:

Here's the posted entry list for this weekend. Bekbulatov and Yazdanicherati are the very clear favorites. Hopefully they're in two separate brackets and one less top guy will be at the world qualifier.



Yazdanicherati and Bekbulatov are on opposite sides at the Asian qualifier, meaning they've both got a seemingly open path to top 2 and qualification. That should reduce to 3 or 4 the list of strongest threats JO will face at the world qualifier.

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On 4/6/2021 at 7:04 PM, spladle08 said:

Nomad tweeted a mini list..
Skriabin and Killicsallayan when "on" are tough outs..... It's gonna be a battle 171acb158107380690056f6653c57c4e.jpg

If I need to know anything about wrestling or sports, I ask Frank Rizzo because he knows more than me.

It was mentioned elsewhere but Bekbulatov of Uzbekistan got pinned this morning after being up 8-0 and didnt qualify in Asia. So add his name to this list. For me, Gadzhiev, Bekbulatov, Skriabin, Kiliksallyan are the ones who can beat JO straight up (although I'd favor the US trials version of him against any of them). The others on this list would need mental slip ups on JO's part to beat him.

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24 minutes ago, Shiraz123 said:

I'd favour Oliver over any of them except Bekbulatov. He'd need to kind of gas Bekbulatov out and I don't think he's that kind of wrestler. 

He most definitely is not. Cuts too much for that. He’ll gas himself before he gassed anyone with the possible exception of Musukaev. 

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I thought JO might be one of the oldest guys at the qualifier but after a quick search it turns out that there are several right around his age and a few even older than JO (if I got these dates right):

JO - 31 in May

Bekbulatov - 31

Kinchegashvili - turns 30 next week

Gadzhiev - 33

Scriabin - 32 in May

Dubov - 33

Mukhtarov - 25 in May

Habat - 29

Bucar - 34

Killcsallayan - 27

Shuptar - 30

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Sofia Bulgaria is 7 hours ahead of NYC time, so looks like 65kg will start at 4am eastern and the semi's at 12:00 noon on Thursday May 6. I'm guessing Flo should have this live.

6.05.2021 08.30-09.00 I Medical examination & Weigh-in FS – 57-65-74-86-97-125kg I Examen médical & Pesée LL – 57-65-74-86-97-125kg 11.00-15.00 Qualification rounds FS – 57-65-74-86-97-125kg Tours éliminatoires LL – 57-65-74-86-97-125kg 18.15-18.45 Opening Ceremony Cérémonie d’ouverture 19.00-21.00 Tokyo 2020 Qualifying Round (Semi Final) Matches de qualification pour Tokyo (Demi-finale) FS/LL – 57-65-74-86-97-125kg

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