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2021 OTT consi bout thread

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3 hours ago, nom said:

Going to Marstellar vs Massa -- in progress.  Mar is up 4-3 half way through 1st.    (Wick and Gantt are up as well).  

Mar fires to left leg but Massa ghosts him.  Massa threatening on edge, M tries a body lock (I think) throw but Massa defends and M is held on back for a moment.  Called 2 for Massa.  5-4. Massa end of first.

2nd period.  (Wick is beating Gantt 4-0 with a turn).  Tied up, Mar releases and feints.  Then lowers.  Massa defending.  Mar fires again but Massa says ole! and hops to side.  Has front headlock (standing), now Mar down to knes,  Massa able to get to side and get cradle and rolls Mar as they go out.  7-4.  Think only for TD, not for the roll (announcer -I think he is right).  1:30 to go in second.  

Massa now with a quick go behind.  9-4.  1 min to go.  (Wick up 4-2).  (6-2 Wick).  30 sec, Mar lowers, Massa backs and circles.  Massa win!  9-4.

nom, You missed your calling. Your play by play is AWESOME! 

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10 hours ago, nom said:


Hmmm, Nahshon, wondering what is next for you.


Not sure, but my guess is he'll be right in the mix with Graff, Colon, Gross, and others to try to make the 61kg world team and compete in Oslo.

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