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Those of you who are putting forward the idea that 97 kg. wrestlers can complete with the best 125 kg. senior men need to have a look at this video. Kyle Snyder is having a 2-minute go with Taha Akgul of Turkey, one of the two favorites for this year's Tokyo Olympics. I am really interested to see how Gable Steveson completes with Akgul and Petriashvili of Georgia, as he is young and explosive, and I believe that he will eventually beat one or both of them. I'm somewhat skeptical that he will do so this year. That said, look at this video of 2018 Snyder rolling with Taha Akgul. Snyder gets to legs a few times, but the sheer size and strength of Akgul flattens him out and there's not a chance that he can finish. Now notice Akgul's agility, speed, and reattacks. He wrestles like a much lighter wrestler, yet he is about 6 foot 4 inches tall and walks around heavier than 125 kg. 


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