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Dake may legitimately be the best current US wrestler there is, but.......

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1 hour ago, Cptafw164 said:

In one of his Flo-episodes, he talks about bio-hacking.  I watched a Netflix documentary and it seems to be about hacking your genetics with a “gene splicer” to give you enhanced physical attributes.  Specifically by using the CRISPR protein to splice into DNA and add or delete a gene.  One such “therapy” is using CRISPR to splice into DNA at the Myostatin gene to block myostatin production.  Myostatin is what blocks muscles from getting bigger.  If you delete that, your muscles will get bigger without the need to lift weights.  If you amplify Myostatin production, your muscles will decrease (like muscular dystrophy).

The medical field sees this as a way to cure disease.  However, you can order a “do it yourself” CRISPR kit and get massive, if you wanted.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV. 

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