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Best Wrestlers in St. Cloud State History

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Best Wrestlers in St. Cloud State History


https://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=Best Wrestlers in St. Cloud State History

St. Cloud State had the most NCAA DII All-Americans from 2010 to 2019!

The top five wrestlers in Huskies history won a total of two NCAA titles and twenty medals.

All five were four-time All-Americans, including two NCAA champions and a two-time finalist!

Check out the best St. Cloud State wrestlers of all-time ranked by NCAA medals!

Here are the top five!

Rank - Name - Score - Medals

#1 - Brett Velasquez - 2019 - 44 - 1,3,4,4
#2 - Jake Kahnke - 2013 - 43 - 4,2,2,3
#3 - Shamus O'Grady - 2013 - 40 - 6,4,4,1
#4 - Clint Poster - 2016 - 39 - 4,3,3,3
#5 - Austin Goergen - 2017 - 38 - 6,2,3,3

There have been 71 All-American wrestlers who have won 122 medals in St. Cloud State history!


Check out the full story from the photo!



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#6 Tad Merritt 3,5,3,3 was one of the key guys that started the resurgence of SCSU into the current national power. He broke his hand early at the national tournament his senior year and still placed third. Won the most dominant D2 wrestler award that year if memory is correct.

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Tim Prescott  was 5th twice in NJCAA,  then went up to SCSU and won it, before losing starting spot week of regionals his senior year to freshman Velasquez, who won it the same year,   but never duplicated the feat!

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9 hours ago, Plasmodium said:

Nice progression for Seamus O'Grady.  I love seeing that.   It is a pity his parents misspelled his name.


Shamus is a stud. One of the highlights of my rather unremarkable grappling career is that I caught him in an armbar in training once and got him to tap in BJJ. Definitely no need to count how many times the reverse has happened hehe

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