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Simone Biles = Zain Retherford

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On 7/28/2021 at 4:13 PM, irani said:

I am astonished at the lack of respect towards two Olympic champions who are among the greatest of all times in their respective sports.

Where does Zain have his Olympic Gold on display?  Same place as his Pan Am Gold from 2020? 

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2 hours ago, nhs67 said:

Or simply a what?

Spell it out, Sparky.

We really going to bump this thread again?

Guessing Sparky was a JV back-up and sits in a cube all day.

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I’m guessing the same people who criticized Biles have no comment about Novak Djokovic’s comments about her, his subsequent meltdown, and then, the piece de resistance, withdrawing from his mixed doubles medal match, completely screwing over his partner.

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When Biles said that she was withdrawing to "protect her mental health," I initially wasn't sure what to think.  Was it simply a case of her being to "play through" some nervousness or pre-match apprehension?

Since then, it doesn't seem that was the case, although the way the problem was initially framed no doubt put her in a very bad light.

The "twisties," as they call it, is something that happens among gymnasts, and while it's not completely understood, it's definitely a real problem among gymnasts even at the highest levels:


The description of the "twisties" has a few similarities to vertigo, a symptom better established physiologically, which gives one the feeling like the world is spinning.  Like what you experience after you somersault several time down a hill.  You are disoriented, nauseated, and certainly unable to perform physical acts that require good balance. 

Someone with bad vertigo would or should never be expected to have to perform sporting moves in gymnastics, as they would end up seriously injured.    And not just gymnastics.  Trying to engage in activities such as NFL football, boxing, judo, or god forbid NASCAR racing in such a state would all end in disaster.  

Last I heard, Biles is still working on trying to resolve the problem at her residence at the Olympic village, although it looks like she's probably done for this Olympics.

I don't have a problem with those who compare her position to that of a Tom Brady or LeBron James, or anyone else on the world stage.  At the end of the day, she is a world class athlete in a sport with some established risks that she knows, and she has accepted millions of dollars from sponsors who rightfully expect her to attempt her best while performing.  To say that she's "just a child" is sexist and condescending.  

The main issue is that too many people don't seem to think that her problem is real, and that she "just quit" and let everyone down for her own selfish reasons.  I don't think so.

My $0.02.

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Clearly a dumb post. But I'm in a typing mood.

Simone couldn't land her tricks and felt awful she was going to lose and hurt her team. She withdrew and they got silver... (She gained nothing legacy boosting by doing this).
I'm not sure where the, "She should've fallen down and got horrible scores, that would've been the badass thing to do" mentality comes from.

Zain dropped a match to a guy he can beat. It's missing a game winning short jumper.
It's hitting into a double play with 1 out and runners on.
It's getting 9 pins when you needed a spare.
He tried, he came up short... Unfortunate but not sure how you compare it to putting your team before yourself.

Eh well. Merica

If I need to know anything about wrestling or sports, I ask Frank Rizzo because he knows more than me.

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