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Olympics Day 1 Discussion

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6 minutes ago, GoNotQuietly said:

I’m sure you saw the same scoring opportunities as I did. I won’t critique the wrestlers technique, but we have this match strategy of just outfighting and praying to be rewarded for it, when other countries are striving for takedowns. It’s like what middle school coaches think Iowa style is, but for Greco.

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hard to say...

when i watch as a fan vs watch as a ref i see different things

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25 minutes ago, GoNotQuietly said:

He scored with a bunch of different nice stuff though. Wasn’t like he couldn’t get to the Russians body

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The wrestler from the country formerly known as Russia scored more. The Egyptian had a plan to prevent that, and it failed. 

From my very limited perspective on current Greco rules, it's is a stingy, defensive game, sometimes highlighted by heroic athleticism. That's not what we saw. Instead, it was the guy pushing the pace who managed to put up the points. 

LJB will forever spite me, but I'd rather watch women's free than matches like that one. 

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