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Discussion thread for 57kg (m), 57kg (w), and 86kg (m)

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20 hours ago, Paul158 said:

In Helen "s  match I really dislike when a referee interjects his self in a match . let the wrestlers determine the outcome.  blocking and holding position  is not the same as offense and shooting. Putting Helen on the shot clock twice looks a little suspect especially when it determined the outcome of the match.

That was VERY odd to see the ref put Helen on the clock twice before putting the Kawai on it. Put one person on the clock, then if there is still no action, put the other person on it. Let them wrestle. Keep in mind, they are both olympic champs. Helen would have won that match on criteria if both were ONLY put on the shot clock once.  Another thing I noticed is that the ref in that match was from Ukraine and Helen had just beat Kit from Ukraine in the quarter finals. Sure seemed odd to me.

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