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Medal Count US, Russia Men's Freestyle

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If the US sends our #1s, we have a shot. Russia generally sends some new folks the year after the Olympics, and this is so soon. 
At heavyweight, I don’t think Taha is going. If Gable doesn’t go, I still think we can medal but it will depend on draw. We have 3 other guys who would be in medal contention I think. 
ugaev is clearly vulnerable. If he goes, we could make up some ground. I’m fairly confident Gilman medals if he goes. It does depend on draw though. India, Japan and Russia are all favorites over him imo. 
65 we can only improve. 

Dake bronze is worst case imo. 

The challenge is, at 61, 70, and 92, Russia has title contenders. The US has one at 92, but we may. Or at 61 and 70. It depends on who shows up to US trials and who the world sends. 

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