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Collegiate world & Olympic champs

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We all know the list of the four 4x NCAA champs.  Somewhat less known, however, is the list of college wrestlers who won world or Olympic titles in the same calendar year as an NCAA title.  As far as I know, only seven athletes have accomplished this feat: Uetake, Kemp, Smith, Neal, Burroughs, Snyder, and Steveson. 

Here's the list:

1) Uetake

  • Sophomore -- 1964 Olympic Champ

2) Kemp

  • Senior -- 1978 World Champ

3) Smith

  • Junior -- 1987 World Champ
  • Senior -- 1988 Olympic Champ

4) Neal

  • Senior -- 1999 World Champ

5) Burroughs

  • Senior -- 2011 World Champ

6) Snyder

  • Junior -- 2016 Olympic Champ
  • Senior -- 2017 World Champ

7) Steveson

  • Junior -- 2020 Olympic Champ


Uetake did not compete at worlds after his junior and senior seasons, but he went on the win Olympic gold again in 1968, two years after graduating.

In 2015, Snyder was an NCAA runner up and world champ. Has any other college athlete won a world title in the same year he did not win an NCAA title?

Finally, Neal holds the distinction of being awarded the FILA Outstanding Wrestler Award as the best wrestler in the world in 1999.  That was a pretty remarkable year for him: NCAA champ, Hodge, world champ, FILA Outstanding Wrestler.

Edits:  Added Lee Kemp to the list & removed Snyder’s freshman year where he was an NCAA runner up

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1 hour ago, 1032004 said:

Wouldn’t the seniors have technically been graduated by then, depending on when the tournament was I guess?

Olympic or World in late Summer/Fall (beginning of Sr yr) NCAA tournament in Spring (end of SR yr).

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13 hours ago, 1032004 said:

So should they still count?

I simply compiled a list of wrestlers who won a world or Olympic title in the same calendar year as an NCAA title. 

A list of wrestlers who won a world or Olympic title while still having NCAA eligibility left would be: Uetake, Smith, Snyder, and Steveson.

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