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On 8/23/2021 at 7:34 PM, rpm002 said:


So maybe it's Graff, Colon, Vito, Fix, Gross, Suriano, Garrett?  Any way you slice it there are going to be sick QF matchups in this bracket.  I think the 1 seed does matter in this bracket because to me those 7 should clearly be the top 7 seeds and they are a cut above any of the others (although both NATO and Zane have past wins over Graff so who knows....)

With Vito out, Flo projects:

  1. Tyler Graff
  2. Daton Fix
  3. Joe Colon
  4. Seth Gross
  5. Nick Suriano
  6. Nathan Tomasello
  7. Shelton Mack
  8. Nahshon Garrett 

I don't really get Fix over Colon.  Colon is a world medalist at his natural weight class and was 2nd at this weight last time.  Fix is coming up.  They have never met.  Both made the semis of the OTT at 57kg, but Colon lost to the eventual champion and bronze medalist.  Just not seeing a good reason to seed Fix higher.

Also not sure Nato should be that high.  He did beat Garrett in 2019, but that was a couple years ago and at 57kg so not sure it is super relevant at this point.  I guess after the top 5, there's probably a lot of ways to seed the next several guys that would be defensible.

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