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I miss Flo!

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As another feedback for improvement.  One cannot navigate to their web page footer on the FloWrestling home [Watch] page.  You endlessly scroll videos and never get to the footer.  You must select news, rankings, etc. to scroll down far enough to navigate to the footer where careers, etc. lives.    

They do have engineers and product designers responsible for mobile, roku, website, etc.  The salary/benefits for the five (seems entry level) engineers below will be around $500K annually in addition to 250+ current employees salaries.  Their annual employee salary expense is likely $12M - $15M.  Flosports had north of 100K subscribers in 2016, good for $15M in annual revenue.  They could be making revenue through ads or other means and their subscriber count should continue to grow.  This looks like a growth company with good future earnings potential.  Venture capital is likely paying some bills as Flo becomes more profitable.  



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