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Top NCAA DIII Wrestling Teams of the 1990s

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Top NCAA DIII Wrestling Teams of the 1990s


http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=Top NCAA DIII Wrestling Teams of the 1990s

Augsburg won more individual NCAA medals from 1990 to 1999 than any other team in the nation.

Trenton State (now TCNJ) claimed the third most All-Americans.

Check out the top DIII wrestling teams from the 1990s ranked by individual NCAA medals!

Here are the top five!

Rank - Team - Score - Count - Medalists

#1 - Augsburg - 706 - 70 - Bill Gabler, Brad Fisher, Bret Sharp, Brian Jones, Chester Grauberger, Chris Ortner, Cliff Casteel, Craig Wagner, Dan Lewandowski, Darin Bertram, Darren Linton, Dave Janaszak, Eric Betterman, Gary Kroells, Gary Thompson, Henry Gerten, Jesse Armbruster, Jessie Bakalyar, Jim Peterson, Joe Hoialmen, John Beatty, John Marchette, John Pena, Josh Cagle, Josh Clausen, Justin Hahn, Kevin Schiltz, Kurt Habeck, Matt Kretlow, Mike Pfeffer, Mitch Hegland, Nick Fornicola, Nick Salandra, Nik Lewandowski, Randy Eastman, Raphael Wilson, Rick Habeck, Shane Wevley, Stuart Nutting, Tim Tousignant, Tom Layte, Wade Johnson, Wade Pehrson

#2 - Wartburg - 465 - 49 - Barndon Holmberg, Ben Shane, Blake Williams, Brad Tholen, Brian Roberts, Chad Gerbracht, Chris Ortner, Chris Ristau, Dusty Rhodes, Greg Halsor, Jamal Fox, Jared Kruse, Jon Dawley, Josh Dodd, Kevin Miller, Kris O'Rear, Lance Christensen, Michael Doyle, Mike Alesch, Nick Mitchell, Ryan Hess, Stas Khaitin, Tom Hogan, Tom Smith, Zac Weiglein, Zach Geary, Zane Braggs

#3 - TCNJ - 381 - 44 - Anthony Conte, Anthony Vitola, Atterbury. Anton, Brian Unkert, Chris Perry, Chris Potter, Dan O'Cone, Etienne Miszczak, Glen Sandull, Jack Withstandley, Jim Hague, John Johnson, Justin Totten, Keith Trotman, Ken Herishen, Matt Opacity, Mike Cruikshank, Mike DeStefano, Mike Walker, Rashone Johnson, Ray DeMartino, Rich Venuto, Russ Terlecki, Ryan Normadin, Scott Pressman, Shawn O'Meara, Steve Rivera, Vinnie Santaniello

#4 - SUNY-Brockport - 303 - 31 - Adam Marciniak, Brian Quick, Chris Stevens, D.J. Simonton, Eric Vaughan, Frank Palumbo, Fritz Zagorski, Jason Spector, Jeremy Reynolds, Joe Perez, Joe Telesky, John Aebly, Matt McLeannan, Nelson Colley, P.J. Wendel, Ron Vosburg, Tom Murphy

#5 - Ithaca - 267 - 27 - Ben Weiland, Bill Hadsell, Chris Matteotti, Dan Uhteg, Jason Bovenzi, Joel Lamson, John Gemmell, John Gremmel, Kent Maslin, Lenny Bruehwiler, Marty Nichols, Matt Sorochinsky, Mike Cronmiller, Mike Fusilli, Mike Murtha, Ron Gross, Steve Farr, Tom Hall

Over 60 teams made the list!


Check out the full story from the photo!



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