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Return of Aztec

Greco Roman Coaching Resources

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Inspired by another thread, I let my finger do the googling and these are the first few resources I discovered that looked interesting. 

If anyone has experience with these or knows other resources to learn how to coach greco, maybe I won't be the only one who would appreciate thoughts from the folks who have way more experience with greco than I do. 

The Greco Blueprint by Adam Wheeler 

Coach's Syllabus for Greco Roman Wrestling - 15 Basic Skills by Mike Houck (YouTube video)

USA Wrestling Core Curriculum: Olympic Styles Level 1 and Greco Roman Level 2

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Even accounting for the probable need for foreign imports. It’s still a good idea to showcase in one place and encourage viewing of and trying out of the stuff.

As well as encouraging coaches to try them out. Considering that for many who come into wrestling. The coach who introduces them to wrestling is how they understand wrestling and what they try. Just “having a state Greco tournament” doesn’t really matter if the coach isn’t teaching and encouraging it. So actively showing and making resources available to coaches can only help. 


It’s an actual part of a “solution”. Part of being mentally tough and working hard to grow sport. 

If one wants to be mentally soft and lazy. and just make it all bout “dem kids who’ve never been exposed or coached to do Greco is a feared or scared” oh, and be a hypocrite. How to do so has been abundantly demonstrated.


Thank you for posting TS

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On 8/28/2021 at 3:34 PM, Ogalthorpe Haywood said:

Considering we’ve had very little success in Greco where would we get a successful coach? A foreigner?

As a nation, the US has won Freestyle as a nation only one time more than Greco.  Until 2017, Greco had had more recent team success than free.  Then something happened.

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Coach's Syllabus for Greco Roman Wrestling by Mike Houck (YouTube video)

I watched this video and thought I'd give a review.

It's fantastic. Any coach who doesn't currently have the confidence to coach greco should come away from this video feeling like they have a lot of tools to start incorporating greco into their programs. 

The video covers 15 basic greco skills:

1. Stance
2. Motion
3. Contact
4. The Tie-up
5. Pummelling
6. Off-balancing
7. Penetration Step
8. Common Body attacks
9. Centering
10 Common Finishes
11. The Bridge
12. The Back Arch
13. The Back Step
14. Hip Pop
15. Grips

The first comment on the video has each skill time-stamped if you want to quickly go to that section of the video. 

What made this video particularly helpful is that each skill is demonstrated clearly, then several examples of each skill are shown as they happen in a real match. It was really helpful to have such good examples of the techniques from real matches.  

The video also does a good job showing progressions for skills such the bridge and the back arch, which are difficult skills for many beginners. 

Even though the video is obviously old, the skills seem timeless. It doesn't feel dated at all to me. If there have been rule changes in the sport since then that would make anything he said obsolete, someone brighter than myself will have to fill us in. 

As it is, this video gets a big thumbs up from me. 


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Incorporating the drills and skills even as games as a first step is a good way to at least get them comfortable upper body. 

Getting them comfortable is the biggest key. 

I wouldn’t recommend teaching headlocks first or early though. They tend to be over dependent on them if you do. 

Always remembering excuses are situational. 

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