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Zain and JO

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3 hours ago, de4856 said:

Well I would have liked to see Lee wrestle in this event. As far as J.O. and Zain are concerned, I think that the road forward for both of them is pretty cloudy. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if we saw them retire from competition. 

I would have liked to have seen Nick Lee wrestle in the tournament.  After all, he beat our rep by 8 the last time he wrestled him.

That being said, he isn't expected to attend trials during the academic year as he does not attend Iowa.

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3 hours ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

Must be hard living in a world you believe to be static only to have it keep changing on you.

I also like your approach to data. Anything that is uncomfortable or failing to prove your point shall be ignored.

"Lee won last time in a head to head and Diakomihalis failed to take the mat in their last head to head prior to that? Oh yeah, but what about the time before that and the time before that?"


The data are that Yianni won two NCAA tournaments and several international tournament. Lee has not done any of that. Yianni also has two world titles.

Lee could have been in Lincoln as Starocci was and as Yianni was. He ducked. If Yianni was at all lucky this weekend it's b/c JO and Zain vacated his weight. But Yianni beat everyone who was there. Thus he will be at the World Championships while Nick Lee is getting ready for Rutgers. 

But keep telling yourself how Yianni is scared of Lee.

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making the national team as a training partner / injury replacement before the olympics when there was a 2021 national championship a few months later isn't the same as making the national team via consi any other year. lee whipped yianni in that consi for sure but yianni clearly wasn't all there emotionally. he obviously didn't *want* to lose but that's not the same as having the fire to win that match, especially since nick lee clearly came out fired up. feel free to read a lot into it if you're a penn state fan - lee is going to be in the game for a while and he's not a bad horse to back - but yianni has a much better resume at this point.

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