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Ferrari and Saturday Night Fever

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1 hour ago, dman115 said:

This is everything wrong with our society and those that follow social media.  You honestly aren't coming to any sort of conclusion about how someone lives every second of every day of their life based off of social media are you??  Come on man!  Everything you say may be true but we have to stop reading into social media for more than it is.  

I clearly said that he is probably working hard behind the scenes.  But based on what he puts out there, he makes it seem like wrestling is a side hustle for him.  I'm about 95% sure that isn't the case though.

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1 hour ago, NJDan said:

True, but what I said is also true. And this thread does involve JB and his spat w/ Ferrari. All I did was note that Ferrari has had more success early than JB. That' does not disparage JB, who, by his own account was a something of a late bloomer.

Easy Mr. thin skin.  Get out of the basement and see the sun.

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