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Thomas Gilman - World Champion

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On 10/4/2021 at 10:12 PM, Billyhoyle said:

Exactly-it's a terrible slur, but because he hasn't made a similar comment in the years since, I think it was more an indication of ignorance than any type of hatred for the Japanese. Realistically, for somebody born in 1994, he is long removed from the period in which there was pervasive anti Japanese sentiment.  

In terms of his growth since the move to NLWC, it has been impressive.  I don't think there is an example of a finer coaching performance in Cael's career than the turn around of Gilman.  Obviously coaching two olympic champs is more impressive, but seeing Gilman transform over the course of a year (at the age of 26) from seemingly replaced on the ladder (people such as myself had Fix and Lee both surpassing him), to now an olympic medalist and world champion has been insane.  

Congrats to Gilman!  I agree I'm sure NLWC has really helped him, but technically we still don't really know what the outcome of a Gilman/Lee match would be right?

I think I've asked this before but can't remember the answer, was Gilman an "all Glory to God" guy at Iowa?  


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14 minutes ago, spladle08 said:

By 2024 I'm really believing in Thomas Gilman Olympic Champion. 
If Spencer beats him, I'll have all my chips in Spencer Lee Olympic Champion. 

Always backing Daton but hard to unsee who this dude is becoming 

Congrats to TP Gilman!  His wrestling is definitely trending up!  

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Super proud of Gilman. Appreciate his honesty in thar interview. Way to persevere champ. 

Also very interesting how he talks here and another interview I saw about letting his body get big and then cut down rather than always holding his weight. Something he’s seemed to pick up at NLWC. 

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