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Women's Team Score

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Damn it, Kylie.
Right, I mean the chick she wrestled was a monster but Kylie seemed just inept.

I was hoping she'd light the world on fire and be the next big thing (already).
Clearly she has world hardware in her future, but her or Kennedy, I wanted one of them to be our Japanese equivalent "even are young girls are savages"

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Errrm. Frustrating loss for Nelson who seemed to have her way with control in ties, only to have Hanai exploit her strength. Nelson also managed to get some explosive shots off, but Hanai managed to absorb them. 

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Well Japan certainly slammed the door hard on ant upset possibilities for the team title.  It is amazing they can be this dominant with such a young untested team.  Still there you have it.  

One observation - The Japanese woman often seem a bit smaller than their opponents.  I expect they don't focus on cutting weight as much as other countries but focus on technique and being in great shape.

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Going into 2020 and Japan's National tournament(All-Japan), this is how each Japanese womens rep ranked within Japan.


50kg Yoshimoto Japan #5 50kg

53kg Fujinami Japan unranked
55kg Tsugumi Sakurai unranked
57kg Nanjo unranked
59kg  Hanai Japan #3 at 57kg
62kg Ozaki unranked
65kg Morikawa Japan #5 at 62kg
68kg Miyaji unranked
72kg Furuichi Japan #3 at 76kg
76kg  Matsuyuki Japan #2
The way the Japanese selection process works for their World Team is that they have 2 national tournaments every year.  If there are different winners in a weight class for each tournament, then there is a single playoff match to determine the rep.
Because the pandemic delayed the Olympics for a year and Japan's mid-year national tournament is always in May, none of the Olympic team members chose to enter the tournament because it's way too close to the Olympics.  Only a few of Japan's #2s chose to participate at the tournament this past May, which is why you're seeing such a young team.
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