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Greco Worlds Thread ;)

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1 minute ago, Antitroll2828 said:

He’s always wrestled Greco and he’s not making any teams at 92 or 97 in freestyle anytime soon 

Would he wrestle 87 in GR?  Thats a 22 lb gap and Hancock is still young. 

Amos splits his time. He has too given his folk commitments. I know he has entered greco competitions for a long time but how much does actually train greco compared to full time oversees greco people. I did not like what I saw against Mileshin. He looked raw and not fluid. Like someone who lacks hours on the mat doing greco.  Heavier weights do have more of lee way for strength and athleticism but....

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For all the talk of the US's greco troubles, Russia is not riding high. One gold at Olso worlds. Following a one gold performance at Tokyo. And the got it from Vlasov, an older veteran who thought about retiring.  You can argue that Evloev would have won Gold, but Semenov and Emelin are not locks. 

Russia is better at Freestyle than Greco. They are more of a quality control in Greco.  Russia doesn't have a  Greco region that produces champion after champion.  


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