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Jimmy Cinnabon

How much credit can NLWC take for Maroulis?

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On 10/10/2021 at 5:46 PM, spladle08 said:

I've had a few Sunday football beers so you mentioning youth parents and coaches almost set me off into a 3 page story which ends with one of the kids I coached getting beat in the state finals and I couldn't have been happier about how it happened.

That story will be told another day .

But yes, everyone knows what's best... They don't know why but they know that's what they think and they need to be heard

May I please hear this story?

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The SFU women had fun with this, too. They had shirts made that had something to the effect of "I'm Mike Jones, B*tch" written on them. This is even more funny if you knew the wrestling Mike Jones. 

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1 hour ago, snapspinscore said:

May I please hear this story?

It was just a difference in philosophy in all things coaching youth wrestling. From people wanting to only teach head-locks and snakes(of course a lot of other kids are hitting them and are winning, that's all we should hit, and "I've seen kids in college do it" ), to avoiding weak positions (Bottom) because we "are better on our feet", to being ridiculously hard on 8year olds because "wrestling is about toughness!"
I was just helping that program so no skin off my back, but you know how youth is. Everyone has a brother or cousin or knows a coach nearby that knows what their kid needs to win.
(I'm all about simple techniques, that will work at every level, and all sort of build off each other so you just develop an understanding of the positions)

The kid in the above story (8-years old).... the very first tournament of the year at podunk gym,  he's in the finals and up 1 going into the 3rd. The head coach chooses neutral. I'm like "Why didn't we go down?". He ends up winning, but I'm clearly disappointed in the neutral decision, the coach and the parents explain he may not have won if he chose down and championships are important.
I explain if they expect him to win the important titles especially later in life, avoiding mat wrestling is not the answer and he should go down EVERYTIME so when he has to escape its not a glaring weakness. The kid was onboard, but a lot of the parents/coaches expressed they thought I didn't value putting their children in winning positions. 
(Note everytime I was in the corner of that kid for the entire year, we never defer, we go DOWN. He'd never get turned, he just couldn't get away to save his life, he made progress though)
State finals roll around, up 4 heading into the 2nd, almost got a pin in the first but gave up an escape. 
We ride the kid like a dog until about 8 seconds left and get reversed (Dangit) 
3rd period up 2. The kid knows what I preach, he points down.... Coach and parents are like NOOOOO and choose neutral. 
He gets take down with 30 seconds left and ridden out. 
OT He get's taken down
8year old is irate, and knows what he should've done. Parent is already mad at me as he re-enters the stands as if I'm going to gloat or something. "When the match is on the line you go to where you're best, name one great wrestler who that's not true for" I was like alright dude. It was a tough match. 

Not the place for this story* but building techniques and positions from an early age, just it's important dangit. 


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