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Early tOSU Observations

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125:  Heinselman continues to be a solid starter for the Buckeyes, but isn't an AA Threat.  He can and will qualify for NCAA's, but will have similar results to previous years.

133:  A very big hole in the lineup, at a stacked weight.  I don't feel that any of the current options at this weight will qualify for NCAA's

141:  Decatur beat D'Emilio at the wrestleoff, but I have a feeling that D'Emilio will ultimately get the nod by the end of the season.  D'Emilio can and will qualify for NCAA's, but again, faces an uphill battle to make it far at the Tourney.  Another DNP in my opinion. 

149:  Sasso is electric, but his match with Sherman was closer than it should have been.  He needs to create separation from the pack in order to truly be considered a title threat, year-in, year-out.  I feel that he's an AA lock, but is only a move away from sliding down the podium.  With Yianni here, it's going to be very tough to win it all.

157:  A very big hole in the lineup, at another deep weight.  Paddy needs to keep his shirt on to keep his development on target.  Wilcox or Hepner should man the weight, will have some wins and decent success, but may not qualify for NCAAs.  

165:  Kharchla had some very close matches at the Intercollegiate Open.  I'm not sold that he's 100%, especially with that big brace on his leg.  At the beginning of the season, I was thinking he could challenge for AA and even win it all.  Right now, I'm not so sure that he would place.  He should qualify, but unless he can start creating separation from the competition, it doesn't bode well.

174:  Smith is looking good at 174.  I think he could have another solid run like he did at the NCAA's last year and be a podium guy.  Win it?  No.  Place, yes.

184:  I'm hoping that Romero ends up taking the spot at this weight.  I think a healthy Romero > current Jordan.  I'm concerned that Jordan has a case of the HEW.  Romero at this weight can challenge and potentially place (i.e. Low AA) if the chips fall right.

197:  Hoffman is looking solid thus far, and more like the recruit folks thought he would be.  Jury is still out on just "how good" he will/can be, but i'm liking the way he's looking thus far.

285:  Orndorff is solid, and once again has a change at 6th-8th at NCAAs.  He beats who he is supposed to beat, and loses to those he is expected to lose to (i.e. the Top 5).  

My two cents, and it's worth less than one... 

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Good take. 

 I think Malik can AA with the right draw. He has beaten 2 AAs I believe.

I’m not worried about Kharchla. I think he just wrestled close matches. This is also his first time starting, so he likely needs to feel things out a bit, loosen up, etc. i think he is a serious title contender in a very deep weight. He could place 5th and still have a good NCAAs though. Thats how good the weight is imo 

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