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Time for new leadership at the NWCA...

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That's where she lived! Closer to laotto

My guess is she frequented the Sit 'N Bull.


I went there ONE time. It was prime hour, 10pm Saturday night and they were so not busy, they were re-shellacking the bar. Shellac being dissolvable with alcohol, I was amazed they were using it. I always meant to lookup if that was a totally crazy idea.


And they wonder why they have to re-coat the bar every Saturday night.

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The wrestling community will give more praise to someone who works hard and fails than someone who works very little and gets the job done. This is great if you want to feel good, but ****ty if you want a solution to a problem.

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I'd like to see JRob take over in a few years. His business sense and track record with building a program make him a great choice. He has put butts in the seats, he's dabbled in creating wrestling television programming, and I think he will gain more acceptance and credibility with peers when he steps away from a specific team.


Hard to argue with someone who's actually went through the building process and came out with titles. His biggest asset is the history of holding big events that have set records. Wonder of he'd be interested in staying involved once he retires?

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My grandma could have led the nba to success.


Says someone with an obvious lack of knowledge about the history of the NBA.


The finals were on tape delay before Stern. What hes done to globalize, market players is awesome and why NBA is wildly popular worldwide.


If you think it was always like that youre simply wrong.


I won't wholesale disptute Sterns role in this, but it should be noted that the NFL, MLB and even NHL have increased in viewship and/or breadth of market in the last 30 years. Sports entertainment overall has seen a boom.


The four major sports are the four major sports for a reason. Other sports attain a little fanfare, but nothing compared to the other four. And I don't even think the likes of Stern, Goodell, or Bettman good take golf, tennis, bowling, or wrestling to that level.


Assuredly, growth can happen, not like it has for the Big Four. Soccer and NASCAR seem to be trying to include themselves in the discussion, but even then, it appears to be a long way off. (IMO, the MLS is mocked by the rest of the world and NASCAR seems to be a national phenomenon as opposed to an international success.)

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Wade Schalles is a blow hard.

He told me back when Dave Shultz was murdered "it was good for wrestling" couldn't buy that media attention wrestling received on major media outlets. Wade said it was like when Tayna Harding's goon hit Nance Kerrigan with the pipe - everyone was talking about it. Figureskating needed the contraversy.


Wade likes to hear himself talk.


Well they are making a major motion picture about his life, so maybe he had a point.


Nothing good came from Dave's murder. Not a single thing. The movie is about Dupont and his crazy as self, and not about Dave. The fact that there is a movie that touched on the topic of Dave's murder is NOT a positive for our sport. Losing Dave Schultz was 100X worse than any media attention garnered by the story. Period.

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Yes... I don't know why someone would think a news story about one of the great US wrestlers getting shot to death by a rich lunatic would entice anyone to start wrestling.


But maybe they meant... that all news is good news? Even if its bad news? I don't know.

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Without the current leadership of the NWCA, I think it'd be pretty clear we'd have less opportunities than we have currently. Without Mike continually lobbying AD's from schools of all levels, we wouldn't have many of these programs. Here's 97 new college teams since 2001 -- Moyer had something to do with many of them.


So do we want growth or do we want someone to fall on the sword for thinking outside of the box to promote more growth. Pat and Mike do more for wrestling in one hour of one day than pretty much most anyone else. Few work harder to give our kids more opportunities to wrestle in college than Mike. You might have issues with his quotes or his methodology, but look below ... he's got his thumbprint on the majority of these programs listed.


The kids who wrestle at these schools are every bit as important to the sport of wrestling than the guys like David Taylor and Jordan Oliver are. There's a lot more "average" kids wrestling than there are great ones ... so it makes sense there's now more opportunities than there were 10 years ago to compete in college.


So who wants to take the credit for that? Doesn't seem like anyone's going to pat the NWCA on the back for helping create most of the programs here:


Bacone OK NAIA



Mercyhurst PA II

U. of the Cumberlands KY WOMEN

McKendree IL NAIA

Mercyhurst NorthEast PA NJCAA

Great Falls MT NAIA

Utah Valley UT I

Campbellsville KY NAIA

Limestone SC II

Morningside IA NAIA

Newberry SC II

Newman KS NAIA

Stevens Institute of Technology NJ III

Trine University (Tri-State) IN III

Belmont Abbey NC II

King College TN NAIA

Olivet MI III

Binghamton NY I

Bucknell PA I

Marion Military AL NJCAA

Mesa State CO II

New Mexico Highlands NM II

Notre Dame College OH NAIA

Oklahoma City OK NAIA


Rend Lake IL NJCAA

Seton Hill University PA II

SIU-Edwardsville IL I

St. Andrews Presbyterian NC II


Darton College GA NJCAA

Grand Canyon AZ II

Grand View IA NAIA

Hannibal-LaGrange MO NAIA

Hastings NE NAIA

North Iowa Area CC (Mason City CC) IA NJCAA

Oklahoma City OK WOMEN

West Hills CA COA

West Virginia Tech WV NAIA

Arizona State AZ I

Baker University KS NAIA

California Baptist CA NAIA

CSU-Pueblo (Southern Colorado) CO II

Iowa Lakes CC IA NJCAA

Jamestown ND WOMEN

Lindenwood MO WOMEN

Lindsey Wilson College KY NAIA

Missouri Baptist MO WOMEN

Missouri Valley MO WOMEN

Calumet College IN NAIA

Concordia College NE NAIA

Lake Erie College OH II

Norwich VT III

Ohio Valley WV II

Penn State-DuBois PA USCAA

Penn State-New Kensington PA USCAA

Shorter College GA NAIA

Tiffin OH II

Wayland Baptist TX WOMEN

Wayland Baptist TX NAIA

Central Baptist AR NAIA

Midland University NE NAIA

Minot State ND NAIA

Ouachita Baptist AR II

Penn College PA USCAA

Walforf IA WOMEN

Alma College MI III

Arkansas Baptist AR NJCAA

Benedictine College KS NAIA

Bethany College KS NAIA

College of Mt. St. Vincent NY III

Indiana Tech IN NAIA

Iowa Western CC IA NJCAA

Lindenwood-Belleville IL NAIA

Maryville MO II

Truett-McConnell GA NAIA

Alderson-Broaddus WV II

Brewton Parker GA NAIA

Coker SC II

Life University GA NAIA

Midland University NE WOMEN

Northeast Oklahoma A&M OK NJCAA

Penn State-Beaver PA USCAA

Penn State-Fayette PA USCAA

Penn State-Greater Allegheny PA USCAA

Penn State-Mont Alto PA USCAA

Simpson University CA NAIA

Wheeling Jesuit WV II


Ferrum VA III


Campbellsville KY WOMEN

McKendree IL WOMEN

Graceland IA NAIA

Northland Community & Technical College MN NJCAA

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We blame FILA for all international wrestling problems, why can't we look at our national wrestling leadership when things go south. And yes, they are going south. That list is great JB, but the discussion is about division 1 wrestling, you know that. NWCA has failed miserably in the division 1 side of things.

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For smaller schools, adding wrestling isn't a very hard decision. When enrollment boosting is your goal, wrestling is a sure-fire legitimate answer, everyone sees our great high school participation numbers.


The question that no one, NWCA included, has managed to answer is how to convince large D1 AD's to value wrestling.

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The NWCA is not a rule-making body, nor does it have any direct power with how administrators govern their programs ...


If you blame FILA, than you must blame the NCAA ... they make the rules ... the NWCA can make recommendations based on the views of its membership. The NWCA governs no college programs.


Division I ADs in large don't care about wrestling, so how is that the NWCAs fault when an AD does what they want.


I also didn't see where this discussion was strictly a D1. Last time I checked, there were 250ish non-D1 programs. Their survival and growth is important as well. Division I is a different animal ... we've seen what controls the decisions and thinking ANYONE in wrestling would influence BCS ADs is a stretch. No one in our sport can tell a big time AD anything and expect them to listen. The fact D1 schools aren't adding the sort isn't the fault of the NWCA, rather a collection of things Moyer cannot control


Easy to overlook all the new programs mike has been involved in if you only focus your argument to 77 schools. I will go to my grave knowing mike has single-handedly created more opportunities for wrestlers of all skill levels than anyone else in this sport


The sport is bigger than just D1


No Moyer, we don't have many of those new programs and we have less because no one put up the fight he and the NWCA do. I've personally seen it.

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This is typical out of Jason Bryant...


He announces National Duals so the NWCA is the greatest thing in our sport and is doing everything possible to save it.. Why? Because he is buddy buddy with them now... He takes the same stance with USAW.. they are working so hard to save our sport..


This is bull crap. The NWCA and USAW are one in the same. Both groups our out of touch with reality and one of the reasons we are in trouble.


Jason will tell you they both have been working really hard behind the scenese to save our sport!!!


This is why the NWCA is having the All-Star Dual in BFE with 2K people watching.. great way to promote our sport..


Keep fighting the good fight Jason and backing the people to line your pocket.. What good employee wouldn't do that?

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Negativity isn't the answer... THE TRUTH is however..


Stay shifty my friend.. shifty like the wind.


anonymous isn't a bad thing.... anonymous tips solve many crimes accross our great nation and lead to many arrests. If anything I think more people should be anonymous. That being said, if they are saying things that aren't true then that isn't a good thing but when people have first hand knowledge and are in the inner workings of wrestling then annonymous can be a good thing

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Posting from the University of Iowa gives you first-hand knowledge of the phone calls Moyer makes from Manheim, Pa? You know what schools he talks to daily to start programs? I was in that office three years ... that's first hand knowledge.


You want to call me out for defending someone who has helped add more wrestling programs in the last 10 years? You want to claim "the truth" when all you've done is take a shot at me


So what you're saying is adding 97 new programs doesn't matter because the National Duals failed? That doesn't make much sense. Wrestling is valuable at all levels.


But I'm willing to bet your first hand knowledge isn't first hand at all.

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