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Ranked Wrestlers that haven't competed this year

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125: Michael DeAugustino (?), NicK Suriano (second semester), Drew Hildebrandt (second semester)

133: Brandon Paetzall (injured), Matthew Schmitt (injured)

141: Stephan Micic (Starting second semester), Mike Carr (Season ending injury)

149: Brock Mauller (Wrestlestat says Redshirting), Dylan Duncan (?)

157: Justin Ruffin (injury)

165: None

174: Michael Kemerer (?), Lance Runyon (?), Sage Heller (injury)

184: Myles Amine (Starting second semester)

197: Jay Aiello (U23 recovery), Ben Darmstadt (injury), Tanner Harvey (injury)

285: None

If anyone has any info on the others which are still in question, it would be greatly appreciated.  Cheers

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 The season is to long, I agree. Should be only tourneys first semester , then all duals are January and February on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Sixth and seventh years of eligibility is crazy... especially now when so many freshmen are so good...I also don't see why you can't have multiple entries per team in conference tourneys....seeding all 33 at NCAA's is not good,  and coaches reviews have to change...it messed up every exciting exchange at the NCAA's last year....the 4 point near fall sucks, and so does the no takedown call when a man is flat, you are sitting on top of him , but he has your ankle.... wrestlers also need more time for mat returns..I've been following for 40/50 years...







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1 hour ago, JerryCallo said:



141. Real Woods - Stanford (word is he is hurt but should be back after the NY)

149. Brock Mauler - Mizzou (word is they are redshirting him)

Who trusts the "word" though, right?

For Real Woods, I assume you mean the New Year...because if you mean the New York trip, he won't be in Vegas.

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23 hours ago, hammerlockthree said:

The season is too long, duels matter too little. 

I could suggest something like - prioritize the number of wins in the rankings for NCAAs and conference tournaments.  And as a result, coaches would schedule weaker opponents for their guys to beat up on and we won't get to see good matches until the end of the year.  I can't think of a solution that doesn't have significant consequences.  

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