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Predictions for Lehigh v PSU

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125       Jaret Lane v Baylor Shunk (PSU)

                Lane looks good early – could be bonus.   LU 4 – PSU 0

133        Malyke Hines v Roman Bravo-Young (PSU)

                Hines is athletic, fun, and funky, but cannot match Bravo-Young.    4-4

141       Dan Moran v. Nick Lee (PSU)

                Lee has been carrying water and chopping wood – gets the fall.  PSU 10-4

149      Jimmy Hoffman or Manzona Bryant IV  v. Beau Bartlett (PSU)    

                Beau by regular decision.  But Bryant is a wild card - have not seen him.   PSU 13-4

 157     Josh Humphries v. Terrell Barraclough (PSU)

                Humphries by regular decision.  PSU 13-7

165      Brian Meyer v Creighton Edsell (PSU)

              Meyer by a td.   PSU 13-10

174      Jake Logan v Carter Starocci (PSU)

              Starocci by fall.  PSU 19-10

184      AJ Burkhart v Aaron Brooks (PSU)

              Brooks with a lot of td's.  PSU 22-10

 197     JT Davis v Max Dean (PSU)

               Max is tough on top. PSU 27-10

 285     Jordan Wood v Greg Kerkvliet (PSU)

                Kerk wins clash of All-Americans with speed.  30-10 final

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Doubt Jimmy Hoffman wrestles, will be MB IV..... and it's JT Davis at 197, no big deal just getting kids name right , he  deserves it for the punishment he probably is going to take, he's a gamer but is way outclassed experience wise in that match up....

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Corrected!   Have not seen Manzona Bryant IV compete - how does he match up in this one?

If he shoots and doesn’t blow right through BB, BB is running around back for two. Really fast.

I think BB actually has good offense, but he’s wrestling with Nick Lee and Zain Retherford in practice, so is perhaps a bit leery to pop off a less than perfect shot and that shows up outside the room, against lesser opponents.

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