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Live from the Rokfin duals!

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59 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:

Somebody please tell Fretwell that Kerkvliet does not weigh 284.4. Maybe 234.4. 

Does he even have eyes? Look at the two wrestlers. If Gordon is 227, then Kerkvliet sure as heck ain't a whole lot more. Eye test. 

Apparently it was Nevills that weighed in just shy of 285. Kerk and Nevills look pretty similar so it is easy to see how he got them confused (or more likely someone told him the PSU HWT weighed in at 284.4). 

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Just now, Mr. Poopy butthole said:

Iowa probs not getting a whole lot of points at this weight

This weight will be all about the draw for Iowa. 


And I would just like to add that I am aware Max is not #1 but the production on this dual for some reason decided to only list the team rankings throughout the dual and not update it to give us match by match rankings because they are lazy. 

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Just now, Grecojones said:

Ok now it’s just goofy. He commenting completely from a Iowa perspective. He’s seemingly upset MM lost. And now commenting on the Iowa message boards. It’s so cringey 

Yeah, I am an Iowa fan but this is getting ridiculous. He was very complimentary towards Bryant but come on dude.

I have also never heard a guy call so many times for a merkle in my life. Cory Clark graduated awhile ago and is not coming back, Corby. 

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1 minute ago, TBar1977 said:

Nice to see someone else's 157 flop to their back. Not just a Penn State thing. 

That wasn't a flop Humphreys put him there with force.

Luckily for Kaleb he has time to adjust and uhhh... not wrestle on the mat with that guy if the meet up at NCAA's.

Unfortunately for PSU their 157 will not be participating in NCAAs. 

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