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Spencer Lee Done?

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On 1/3/2022 at 9:27 AM, cowcards15 said:

It’s the opposite of your thought process. He was hoping for a medical revelation and didn’t get one. He hasn’t been feeling very good for a while and was hoping that it would be better wrestling the duals so he gave it a shot. It didn’t feel like he was hoping it would and thus opted to do the surgery. They knew that they would stay under the medshirt number so it wasn’t much of a concern to try out side of finding out for sure. 

I don’t think what you describe (and what Spencer said in his last interview) and what I wrote are incompatible. Clearly the knees need to be fixed. The only question is whether the possibility of a COVID shortened season impacted his decision to get it done now instead of finishing out the season first. We will probably never know, because if he admitted that factored into his decision it could be used against him when he seeks a medical waiver. 

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