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PSU @ LHU circa 1986

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The posts about lawsuits (masks on wrestlers, Mich/ASU) brings back a memory from many years ago that some of you may enjoy.
Back in 86, I think, my wife and I went to a PSU at Lock Haven match.  The match started at 7:30 but we were in a long line outside at about 5 in a heavy snowstorm to get tickets.  We were in the stands about halfway up.  Thomas Fieldhouse was way  beyond packed and rockin'.  I swear there were people jammed 4 or 5 deep in the walkways around the top.  They put tons of folding chairs on the gym floor.  They must've just kept selling tickets because there were even people in the lobby that couldn't even get into the gym.  My wife, who was in the insurance biz said how much of a fire/safety hazzard it was. I said, you worry too much.
About halfway through the match, a lady came on the PA system and said, We've had a very unfortunate incident.  She said someone phoned in a bomb threat, and they were going to evacuate the gym and search.  She said you didn't have to leave, but if you didn't, you were on your own.  My wife was about 6 months pregnant, so of course I said we have to go outside.  The evactuation was very orderly and I'm guessing nearly everyone left because there were a zillion people outside.  It was freezing, so we walked about 2 blocks to my wife's sister's house to warm up.  After not too long, I started to think we better get back if we want to watch the rest of the match (from the rafters maybe).  When we got back, no one was outside!  I checked a door that led to the top walkway and it was unlocked.  We looked across at where we were sitting and there was a small empty space in the stands where we were.  We went through a walkway and down the stairs to behind the stands, then up to where we were sitting previously and watched the rest of the match.  Amazing, people in Central Pa are some of the nicest in the world.  Through all that, they saved our seats!

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