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1996 NYS Finals Anti-Snoozefest

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I hope it's not "illegal" to post a link to a YouTube video.     https://youtu.be/pWjXXBl_73w

For everyone here tired of watching the 1-0 or 2-1 snoozefest, AKA The 6 or 7 minute waltz, I present the following.  The match I'm referring to starts at 32 minutes in the video.  The winner of this match, Brandon Lehman from Ithaca, was a 3X NYS champ and also lost another year in the finals by a point, all when there was only one "division".  This year, Lehman also beat 4X NYS champion and future NCAA D1 champ and OW Jesse Jantzen 9-3 in the semis.  (Jantzen was only an 8th grader, but Lehman was only a 9th grader.)  I know they're only kids, but enjoy the action.

The match @ 1:58:50, 155 lbs, was also a war.  The winner was Billy Payne from Geneva, who was a heck of a wrestler with international experience.  At the Watkins Glen tournament (one of the premier tournaments in NYS back then) the previous year Jeff Reese, the kid who died losing weight at UofM, moved up a weight class to wrestle Billy Payne.  Reese took him directly to his back about 15 sec into the match and inexplicably just let him up.  I guess Reese just needed a little more "work".  Reese got the pin later in the match.  God bless him.  He was a great wrestler and a great kid.

Also, there were 2 future D1 coaches wrestling here (not against each other).  Check out the match starting at 2hr 21 min 40 sec to see NC State's Pat Popolizio getting dropped on his head.  Somehow, he came back to win and was OW.  You can't see it well in the video, but after the match he was out on his feet and his eyes literally rolled back in his head and stayed there when he left the mat.  Craziest thing I ever saw at a wrestling match.  Also, the next match you can watch a couple of future NFL players do battle at 215 lbs, one a future Harvard grad and a very nice kid, Isaiah Kacyvenski.

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