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Jim Ima

NHSCA Weights

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Haven't been to Virginia Beach since they adopted the weight certification from high school regular seasons. How strict are they on not letting you wrestle under your certified weight class? I've got a kid who is close, can make 138 +3 but not scratch 138 (on paper). Any one have any insight? I know the website says you can't and have to be verified by their weight loss plan but is that actually the case? Any info is appreciated!

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8 minutes ago, Husker_Du said:

I believe (but am not sure)

that you can go as low as your certed weight (not weight class).

as in, Wrestler A could have a lowest allowable weight of 140.2

and so would be legal/allowable to make 141

I think that's correct but not sure if they made a final decision. I did pass this question along.

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This is from the website. 


Wrestlers may compete at one of the below:

  • The weight class at which you entered your State’s 2021-22 Individual or Dual Meet Championships
  • A higher weight class
  • As low as your “Minimum Weight Class” according to the NWCA Optimal Weight Calculator, verified by a hard copy of your schools Alpha Master Report.
    • If your state does NOT use the OPC, then you are required to wrestle no lower than the weight you wrestled at your Individual State or Dual Meet Championships.

For example: If your optimum weight calculator allows you to compete at 121.8, you are only eligible for the 126lb weight class NOT 120. Your optimum weight calculator must allow you to compete at the “scratch” weight class. However, you can enter the same weight or any weight class higher.


It is crystal clear for those willing to actually listen and not try to game the system.  You are not allowed to compete in a lower weight class than your OPC minimum weight class allows.  So, the weight allowance the event is giving does not factor in, which is the same way it works during the high school season. 


So, to the original poster, if your wrestler's OPC minimum weight is 138.01, he is not eligible to compete at 138 during the regular season and is not eligible to compete at 138 for the NHSCA Nationals.  The lowest he could go is 145.

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