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Frank Gotch and Preserving Memories

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My dad died -- and his brother (my uncle) was on his death bed -- so I went to see him.


My uncle on his death bed started to tell me about my dad -- and during the conversation he told me that my dad was best friends with Frank Gotch's son!


I was surprised -- maybe shocked -- as my father had never once mentioned Gotch, even though they lived in the same town when dad was growing up.


After that, one of the smartest things I ever did was to then video tape my mother narrating her life -- for about 2 hours.


I couldn't believe the number of surprises I got when she recited her own autobiography.

And now I have her life forever captured for posterity.


I sure wish I had done that with Dad -- he might have surprised me with stories about Gotch!


Best --



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Very moving account of your Dad and Uncle's last days and something that I can certainly relate to. My Dad just died at age 90 and on his death bed told me stories about Major League Baseball players that he played ball with during WW2. I agree with having an oral history of your parents and loved ones.

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It's funny, the things you discover later on in your life.


Not long ago, my cousin found an entry in my grandmother's diary, dated July 4, 1916, where she describes my grandfather taking her to a Cleveland Indians baseball game. This was several years before they were married.


Playing in that game were two famous Indians: Tris Speaker and Ray Chapman. One, a future hall of famer; the other, the only man ever to get killed in a major league baseball game.


For the Tigers, future hall of famers Harry Heilmann and Sam Crawford.

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