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On 1/20/2022 at 1:16 PM, TakedownfromMotown said:


Suriano dec 3-0 u of m

RBY major 4-3 psu

Lee dec 7-3 psu

Bartlett dec 10-3 psu

Lewan dec 10-6 psu

Cam dec 10-9 psu

starocci dec 13-9 psu

Amine dec 13-12 psu

Dean dec 16-12 psu

Parris dec 16-15 psu

If Cam wrestles, this dual is going down to the wire.  I'm kind of amazed at all the Amine is going to get rolled talk, Brooks is a stud, no doubt, but so is Amine.  Brooks isn't majoring him, that's just ridiculous. 


Ill bet on PSU, you going to take michigan? $$

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44 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

Looks like Minnow says Micic is out?

On PSU radio Jeff Byers confirmed Micic didn't weigh in. It'll be Drew Mattin vs Lee. Storr vs Bartlett. Barraclough vs Lewan.  C.Amine vs Berge

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On 1/20/2022 at 12:45 PM, MSU158 said:

He lost one time by MD 15-5 to Zahid his freshman season in 2017 in the 3rd place match at NCAA's.  Here are his career losses:


Zahid 15-5

Zahid 14-8

Jordan 14-8

Preisch 6-2

Brunson 3-2

Wanzek 6-4

Zahid 4-3


Zahid 7-5

Hall 4-3

Hall 6-5

Lydy 6-4

Jordan 6-4

Kutler 5-4

Zahid 4-2


Hall 2-1 OT

Hall 3-2

Hall 3-2

Zahid 6-4


Ferrari 5-1

My point exactly

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