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Correct me if I am wrong but isn't it true that the best American freestylers the last couple of years have been from Big XII schools. Also, Big X has not had an Olympic freestyle champ in almost 20 years. What makes Big XII so much more successful in freestyle lately?


Is it because of the rules and now with new rules we should readily see Big X success?

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I really don't see how a person's conference has any bearing on their international success. If anything it has more to do with schools that have a good history of freestyle and more emphasis in competing in those styles and you will see those schools having international success. I see a lot of ISU, OkState, and Iowa on this list.



Burroughs-Big 12(Nebraska moved to Big 10 year after he graduated)

Varner-Big 12






Sanderson-Big 12






Cross-Big 12

Brands-Big 10




Smith-Big 12

Jackson-Big 12


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You say you see a lot of Iowa but I see only one Iowa.


I was meaning International success in general. When you look at world and olympic medals in the last 30 years, you tend to see a lot of OK State, ISU, and Iowa.

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B12 Smitty, Douglass, Cael, Jackson, Manning FS Coach of year. I would say that has a lot to do with the type wrestler recruited into B12. There is a huge difference in the recruits these guys go after and the conference styles in scholastic are noticeable. Of course the athletes will pick the coach over institution in most cases. especially the top of talent pool who everyone wants. AND before you leap, yes I do know NU has moved on.

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