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Question about an Iowa Wrestler of year's past

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When I was a freshman in high school I attended the Iowa intense 2 week training camp in Iowa City. During the camp Gable spoke to us about the importance of keeping everything in perspective, while taking wrestling very seriously and working very hard. He spoke very passionately of a wrestler of his that had gotten a flying tiger hawk tattooed on over his heart. He said that this wrestler gave everything he had to achieve his goals, but unfortunately fell short of them. As a result he had the tattoo modified to look as if the talon on one of the tiger hawks feet was ripping his heart out of his chest. For the last 13 years I have wondered who that was. I've made some guesses, but I'm still not sure. I could tell that it bothered Gable to know how it effected his wrestler, and believe that was what made Gable such a phenomenal coach. Like said earlier on these boards a great coach cares as much about them as he does about wrestling.

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