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Referee Pay

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2 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

The refs really are the stars of this sport anyway. The center of attention at the least. 

I hope your comment was as tongue-in-cheek as mine was.
Did you watch Neb @PSU?  The ref was someone a buddy of mine's son had a couple of wars with in HS.  When they both wrestled in HS, you knew there was going to be some action.  I saw that he reffed pretty much like he wrestled, though like most of us he's put on a few lbs.  A stalling call on each 125 lber in the first 2 periods.  On the match thread on here, many people commented on how they liked the way he kept the matches going.  Until he called Beard for stalling 2x in the last 5 sec.  That was strange.  Some PSU homies took offense to that, others said he was correct by the rules.
I don't at all think he was about making the match about himself, just making sure both kids wrestled.  Maybe that's something our sport needs more of.  Please check the match out and see if you agree.

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