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Ways to Watch NCAA's?

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2 hours ago, Riddle said:

Okay.  I found this list, https://www.espn.com/espn3/affList

Apparently a lot of ISP provide ESPN3 without needing a cable package.  I found that list by an internet search, didn't find a direct link on ESPN's website and their customer service said nothing about not this.  It's great one doesn't need a paid subscription to access ESPN3 but that information should be easier to locate.

That is interesting (and probably shouldn't require assistance from Sherlock Holmes to find out!)

Just did some quick testing:

1. When signed into DirecTV on espn.com, I was able to get (3) streams running (1 Roku and 2 laptop windows) and almost immediately after pulling up a 3rd laptop window stream, the stream limit error popped up and booted me out of all streams. Same as has been happening routinely since Thu morning.

2. I signed out from DirecTV on espn.com on my laptop, then was able to get (4) streams running in 4 windows without a problem. Also left my Roku signed in to DirecTV and had a stream on it as well. Really wish I had known this yesterday. I was booted out of all streams at least a couple dozen times since yesterday. All I would have had to do sign out of DirecTV on espn.com and problem solved.

Next questions up:

1. I wonder what the MatCast will look like this evening now that we're moving to (6) mats? Same as before but with a couple blank screens or, hopefully, larger video thumbnails for each of the mats. The latter would be pretty good. Maybe (4) streams on the big team and (2) on smaller screens would be be a better option if it's the former. I guess we'll wait and see.

2. Same for Sat Session 5... but it'll be (4) mats, so maybe it'll be a quad box? We'll find out.

3. Finals/ Sat Session 6... looking forward to seeing what the heck the "Command Center second-screen experience" is... they appear to be pulling out all the stops for the finale:

During Saturday night’s finals, the Command Center on ESPN3 will offer unique commentary as well as ISO cameras focused on coaches, family and friends, unique angles from an overhead jib, mat-side robotic cameras, and more with a collection of the most respected names in the wrestling community providing commentary.

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