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NCAA Championships Day 2 Thread: Session IV - Semis and Bloodround

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1 minute ago, TBar1977 said:

O toole won, but he should have just given the td and not taken the risk.

Griffith is clutch. 

I was yelling at the screen to just bail out, but very glad it worked out anyway.

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Just now, TBar1977 said:

Could have been 2+2, or worse. Just give up the td and belly out for 7 seconds.

Well, Amine surely would have cut him immediately, but then he could have just stalled out the last few seconds.

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Current team scores. Looks like things will be locking into place for top 3 soon. I dont think Michigan can catch up. :^(

1. Penn State


2. Michigan


3. Arizona State


4. Nebraska


5. Cornell


6. Iowa


7. NC State


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15 minutes ago, TripNSweep said:

Grecojones is a hard core right wing bible thumper.....when it suits his political ideals. He is more than willing to overlook discretions that are less than ethical or immoral as long as it fits with his political ideals. Just telling you what you're arguing with. 

TripNSweep, there is no argument here. There is not one to be made. GrecoJones and I were in complete agreement on this point. Hard core and right wing are no more or less offensive to me than hard core or left wing. I will leave religion out of this thread. Unfair competitive advantage, whether it comes from chemicals naturally occurring or added in unnatural amounts, is wrong, can easily be detected, and should NEVER be tolerated. At ANY level, for men or women. There are now and ALWAYS have been beings who straddled the line of sexual identity. The glorification of their existence and lifestyle should NEVER influence the standards for competition. 

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