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NCAA Championships Day 2 Thread: Session IV - Semis and Bloodround

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1 hour ago, drag it said:


1. Glory to Glory who almost got teched the other week.  He and Vito always always let it fly and they got the night off to a great start.

2. My heart was broken for DeSanto.  He always leaves it all out on the mat.  He grew a ton at Iowa as a wrestler and even as a sportsman.  Hope he can get back for third tomorrow.

3. I want a lawyer, accountant, doctor, and FBI agent to be at the weigh in tomorrow and certify that Deakin actually weighs 157 pounds.  

4. SUPER SHANE!!!  A true ambassador for college wrestling.  And great props to Wick for not ducking him during the year; I was sure that he would skip out on the dual so as not to give Griffith three looks at him before NCAAs.  I think that's the real reason he transferred out of the Big Ten, since such behavior would never have been tolerated there.  Yes, I know, the reward for his sportsmanship was a one way ticket to the back side.

5. Watching Lewis's emotions tonight was a priceless bookend to the excruciating experience of watching him gut out 7 minutes in that match last year.  I was so overcome by seeing the pin and the tears that I didn't even have time to enjoy the schadenfreude of watching Massa go from a winning takedown to getting stuck in the blink of an eye (well, there, I just did).

6. Amine's Class Act Tour continues.  World War III between him and Brooks tomorrow.

7. Is it Jacob Warner's fault that in a folkstyle match you just total up the points at the end regardless of where they came from?  What's so bad about one out of 20 finalists relying solely on mat wrestling, which the rules have as the starting point for two out of three periods?

8. Impressed by Steveson's maturity.  Not an easy spot for him with all the publicity and expectations and his job already lined up.  He's not sharp, his opponents aren't screwing around, and he's just taking care of business with smart wrestling.  He'll need that attitude again tomorrow, Schultz earned that seed after all, didn't he?  

9.  Penn State wrestling.  What else can be said at this point.  Does SHP or someone have the stats on their semis record since wrestling was invented?  EDIT:  It was posted above as I wrote this tome, thanks.  45-5?  That defies logic.  But it sounds right.

Wrestling was invented in 2010-2011, it shouldn’t be that tough to get stats

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10 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

Oh yeah, but it is not clinched just yet. I have a new bottle of very good Scotch to break out when they clinch tomorrow night. 

I have a big piece of raspberry pie and glass of chocolate moo juice ready regardless of who wins.  That's how I roll.

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14 hours ago, Grecojones said:

That's pretty cool but it's kind of misleading. 

There have been 110 finals matches during that stretch---2011-2022 (minus C-19 year, and including this one).  45 of those matches, or roughly 41%, involved a PSU wrestler. 

You say misleading, but most would say that is impressive. 

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