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The soul of International wrestling has been lost

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Whether wrestling stays in Olympics or not its soul has been lost since now different factors from those of sport idealism are of stronger consideration. For example, why should Russia attempt to win as many Golds as possible when that very action can induce IOC to say the sport is way too narrow in strength to justify its Olympic participation and so on. Its no longer about winning as much as possible as keeping the sport balanced, fair, friendly for casual Western fans and so on. In my opinion it has lost its pure animal energy of doing all you can to win.


Even more than that, contrary to sport idealism of letting the best win no matter what and being happy for their culture and hard work it is now about promoting some countries to win (Mainly Western or Western friendly) while others (like Russia and Iran) to win less.


Consider track or swimming for example where nobody in IOC is upset that USA wins the most Gold medals all the time and neither sport is in jeopardy of being dropped.


So, in the end the Olympics have become more about pleasing Western fans than about showcasing the true best in the World in any particular sport. If Western athletes or Western friendly countries' athletes win no change needs to be made. If not, that sport is in jeopardy of being dropped.


In the end, the preference is given to who pays for Olympics and not to the best athletes in the World.

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yeah, those are some good points as to why the olympics aren't the greatest showcase for athletics.


but if sport idealism meant letting the best person win no matter what, then you wouldn't want to limit each country to just one wrestler. so FILA and the world championships really aren't much better than the IOC.

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