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NCAA Results of WTT Competitors

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Here are the ncaa results of the WTT Competitors


***(Note: This is the list as of 4:45 today off trackwrestling, there are still some notables who have yet to be listed as registered)



Obe Blanc-1x AA

Angel Escobedo-4x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Ben Kjar-1x AA

Mark McKnight-1x AA

Dan Mitcheff-1x AA

Frank Perelli-1x AA

Brandon Precin-3x AA

Zach Sanders-4x AA



Tyler Graff-3x AA

Andrew Hochstrasser-2x AA

Reece Humphrey-2x AA, 9th at 2011 World Championships

Jimmy Kennedy-3x AA

Coleman Scott-4x AA(1x Ncaa Champ), Olympic Bronze Medalist

Nick Simmons-4x AA, 5th at 55kg at 2011 World Championsips

Logan Steiber-2x AA,(2x Ncaa Champ)

Alan Waters-1x AA



Kyle Borshoff-2x AA

Jason Chamberlain-2x AA

James Green-2xAA

Adam Hall-2x AA

Drew Headlee-1xAA

Kevin LeValley-2x AA

Brent Metcalf-3x AA(2x Ncaa Champ)

Jordan Oliver-4x AA(2x Ncaa Champ)

Chase Pami-2x AA

Kyle Ruschell-2x AA

Kellen Russell-3x AA(2x Ncaa Champ)

Phil Simpson-3x AA



Jordan Burroughs-3x AA(2x Ncaa Champ), 2011 World Champ, 2012 Olympic Champ

Kyle Dake-4x AA(4x Ncaa Champ)

Moza Fay-2x AA

Andrew Howe-3x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Nick Marable-2x AA

Ryan Mornigstar-2x AA

Trent Paulson-3x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Colt Sponsellor-1x AA

David Taylor-3x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Dan Vallimont-2x AA



Max Askren-3x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Clayton Foster-2x AA

Enock Francois 3x NAIA AA

Keith Gavin-2x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Phil Keddy-3x AA

Jon Reader-3x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Ed Ruth-3x AA(2x Ncaa Champ)

Cam Simaz-4x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Logan Storley-2x AA

Austin Trotman-1x AA



JD Bergman-3x AA

Micah Burak-1X AA

Jack Jensen-1x AA

Dustin Kilgore-3x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

Wynn Michalak-3x AA

Chris Pendleton-3x AA(2x Ncaa Champ)

Scott Schiller-1x AA

David Zabriske-2x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)



Dom Bradley-3x AA

Tervel Dlagnev-4x D2 AA(2x D2 Ncaa Champ), 2009 World Bronze Medal, 5th at 2011 World Championships and 5th 2012 Olympics

Tyrell Fortune-2x JUCO AA,1x D2 AA(1x D2 Ncaa Champ)

Nick Gwiandowski-1x AA

Jeremy Johnson-1x AA

Kyle Massey-1x AA

Matt Meuleners-4x D2 AA(2x D2 Ncaa Champ)

Tony Nelson-3x AA(2x Ncaa Champ)

Zach Rey-3x AA(1x Ncaa Champ)

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I love that Jamill Kelly won it as a 0 xAA, then went on to eventual Olympic silver. Are there many other world team members who never placed at the NCAAs that people know of?


Well Henry Cejudo in 08 won gold without wrestling in college.

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Forgot Megaludis at 55 kg. 2x AA


As I mentioned in the first post, this was the list off of trackwrestling as of yesterday afternoon of people who had registered. Megaludis isn't on the list yet even though he has qualified for the trials.

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Tyrell Fortune is a 3x AA. Won two NJCAA titles and a D-II heavyweight title this past season. Also I'm pretty sure Jack Jensen was an R12 guy once or twice, but he might have placed 8th once, can't remember.


Yeah I was only listing D1,2, or 3 results and forgot Fortune won a D2 title this year. Jensen was 7th at 184 in 2008.

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John Petersen?

Russ Hellickson for sure.

In those days it was easier to AA 5th/6th with a 7th/8th seed than with a 5th or 6th seed. Crazy. I believe Jamill Kelly is the only Olympic/Word medalist to have competed in college and never AAed in the last 30 or so years. The vast majority of American medalists have been NCAA champions, only a handful were "only" AA's -- Cormier, Mike Zadick, Eggum, Slay, Zeke Jones, Kevin Jackson, Bobby Weaver, etc. Dlagnev and Townsend Saunders won DII championships.

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Great job on the list but forgot Les Sigman 4X NCAA DII champion.


I didn't forget him. Like I said in the first post, this was the list of people who have registered so far on trackwrestling. Sigman isn't on the list yet. I will update it as the list updates but as of now that's why he isn't on there.

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