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Where was Tom Ryan?

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2 minutes ago, gowrestle said:

I never saw him. Was he in Detroit?

Ouch. But still somewhat of a surprise. As a fellow Louonguylander, he’s usually tops on Quint’s matside coach interview list.

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36 minutes ago, gimpeltf said:

I saw him in one on Saturday. I said something to richb. He often lets the other coaches sit. But they allowed three coaches at some point Saturday

Only for the finals do they allow three coaches in the corner. (Rule 3.20.3) Ohio State had no finalists.

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Citation for which rule it is.

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1 hour ago, Riz23 said:

It’s pretty well known Tom Ryan is the recruiter and organizer, he has Jaggers, Jordan and Steiber do the in Match coaching 

Same with Koll..didn’t see him in a corner once this weekend mostly Cenzo and Leeth …only saw Goodale for a few matches Rutgers had mostly ashnault and Pritzlaff coaching 

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