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Does anyone know?

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Is this the first year since 1999 that our representative going to the world championships is not named Rulon Gardner or Dremial Byers?


1998 was the last time we didn't have one of those two as the rep. Crazy the longevity and control of the top spot that Byers has had over that weight in the US


97: Rulon 5th

98: Ghaffari 2nd

99: Byers 6th

00: Rulon 1st

01: Rulon 1st

02: Byers 1st

03: Rulon 10th

04: Rulon 3rd

05: Byers 13th

06: Byers 9th

07: Byers 3rd

08: Byers 7th

09: Byers 2nd

10: Byers 5th

11: Byers 24th

12: Byers 9th

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