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Dake - Too much to ask for from anyone

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Jordan is the best hands down. With that said, how could either Paulson, Howe, Taylor, or Dake be asked to win this insane bracket of talent and THEN be asked to beat the best wrestler in the world? I'm not offering any excuses for Dake - he lost.


Look at Dake's path for instance - he beats Paulson - then Taylor - and then goes into an insane OT battle with Howe. Let's face it - Dake is spent! Anyone would be spent.


The first match with Burroughs was a clinic...so for Dake to come back and take it to Jordan like that in match #2 really tells me how strong Dake is mentally.


I think with a few more years of hard, hard training Dake is going to be neck and neck with Jordan. Dake is going to get better - but so will Jordan! Dake or anyone else can't beat Burroughs after a grueling 3 match tournament. Fully rested and years of hard work will get one of them there.

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I hope to see both matches but I've always felt that Dake has unbelievable strength and that can make him scary to many a world class wrestler. This can almost end up being like the days of the Soviet Union when the top 2 or 3 guys in a weight class could all have possibly been Olympic Champs but only one got to wrestle.


Two great wrestlers and only one gets to go...

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