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Dake's toss...

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Dake got behind Burroughs in a TD attempt. JB was in a tripod. Dake locked around the waist lifted him and back arched. The motion was from the side, not belly to back. A great three but not five. Dake almost hit another one in the second period but Burroughs was able to get horizontal and just give up two.

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Article 39

Grand Amplitude Throw

Is considered “Grand amplitude” throw, any action or hold by a wrestler in the standing positio

n that causes his opponent to lose all contact with the ground, controls him, makes him describe a broadly

sweeping curve in the air, and brings him to the ground in a direct and immediate danger position.

In the "par terre" position, any complete lift from the ground executed by the attacking wrestler,

whether the attacked wrestler lands belly down (3 points) or in a danger position (5 points), is also

considered a grand amplitude throw.



If the wrestler executing a grand amplitude hold himself touche s the mat with both shoulders, he

receives 3 or 5 points and his opponent receives 2 points, due to the instantaneous fall in the

execution of the throw

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