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pa in taiwan

Dmitry Bivol takes out Saul Canelo Alvarez

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Having watched a number of Bivol's fights, the outcome of this boxing extravaganza was what I had hoped for. Bivol is a highly trained boxer with excellent fundamentals. His speed, footwork, timing, stiff jab, and wide variety of combinations make him one of the best in the sport. Canelo is a man to be admired, just for his habit, especially recently, of taking the toughest challengers at whatever weight he is competing at. It was a mistake to go to light heavyweight and fight Bivol, one of the best, who is still in his prime at 31 years old, the same age as Canelo. Great fight. One of my biggest worries about the fight going the distance was the fact that Canelo is routinely favored by judges, and anyone who saw the first fight with GGG and thought that was a draw is out of their mind. GGG was robbed in that fight. To be honest, the scorecards in this Bivol/Canelo fight were unrealistic, with each judge scoring the fight 115-113 in favor of Bivol. All three judges had awarded Canelo the first four rounds, which is insane, considering the number of punches landed by the fighters. Bivol landed 36% of his power punches and outpunched Canelo 152-84. I don't know how they could have called the decision so close with such a lopsided output, but the fact remains that the better fighter won.


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