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3 hours ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

Re: Lee / Diakomihalis, I looked at the same data and came to a different conclusion.

The folkstyle match up was in 2017, so I find that easy to discount. Whereas the freestyle match up was in 2021, so I find it harder to discount. And while I think it will be Lee, I acknowledge that the margins are likely to be razor thin.

I didn't word my response very well.  I said:

"With Yianni and Nick, I think we can discount the results of their match a little due to it taking place on the consolation side of OTTs."  

My points are that (1) I don't put much weight on PD3's win over Aaron and (2) I put more weight on Nick's win over Yianni.  

If they wrestle again, I think Aaron beats PD3.  

I am picking Yianni and Nick to wrestle again at Final X.  I think Yianni is better than Joey and it is not a coinflip imo.  Regardless of who comes out of the bottom side, I am picking Nick to win the World Team spot at 65kg.  If he faces Yianni, I think it goes 3 matches.  If he gets Joey in the finals, my prediction is he techs Joey twice.

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6 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

Did he get zip tied or not?  
Interesting that his issues are always off mat.


He keeps missing out on his chances to be called Sir without "you're making a scene" being added onto it. 

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On 5/16/2022 at 4:38 PM, rpm002 said:

57 Vito cruises

61 How did Mendez get the 4, when he lost to #6 and hasn't faced any of the top 5?  Gross will beat him in a 5 over 4 "upset. The last 2 WTTs that Nico was healthy, he ran into Graff (each winning once)  I'll say they do again and it will go 3 matches

65 The 8/9 winner upsets Maple.  Yianni and Lee will advance to Final X

70 Oliver and Zain advance to Final X

74 Nolf cruises

79 Dieringer over the Starocci/Marsteller winner

86 No upsets here.... Hall/Zahid get to the best of 3 and will go 3 matches

92 Jackson pulls it out

97 Macchiavello over Moore

125 Gwiz vs Zilmer, I think, although if Bradley beat Zilmer, I wouldn't be stunned. 

57 correct

61 didn't see Gross's run coming, although in fairness, it almost never got started!

65 dead on that Hendo was dangerous... Just didn't realize how dangerous!

70 nailed both!

74 correct

79 was right the Starocci/Marsteller match was one to watch and the winner would be dangerous.  Cenzo shocking Alex again I did not see coming.

86 right finalists, but was wrong in thinking the final would be competitive

92 correct

97 right finalists, wrong winner

125 correct on all counts 

Overall I'll take it!

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